the sentence cult of your teachers Games

As the title suggests, indicate the sentence that you leave your teachers all the time ^ ^:

Prof. of Spanish: "The seats are very comfortable out there if you have really enough in my course" when speaking of the principal's office

And you ?

:laugh :nono

My physics teacher used to say: what you have written is very good, but be kind enough to wipe this down (if sb was doing a task on the blackboard). I also know a teacher who says to random people : you are going to get bad mark today, so at least behave ! (at the very beginning of the lesson ).

I have an awesome english teacher.

"Don't Die!"

"If you have nothing to do, don't do it here."

"I will grill, hang and castrate"

"We will have a nice lovely test"

"I'll be back someday"

Also, my geography teacher pronounces all the important words in such a funny way that I will remember them forever. That is why I have the best possible mark in geography.

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My former literature teacher often had this expression: "Mondo gatto" ("cat world"). We still tease her about it even now that we finished school 9 years ago!