Snail mail friends =) Anything and everything


I want make snail mail pen pals. I'm too lazy to write about me because those information are on my profile

It would be nice to write letters with someone who are interested about that too. So everyone whose are interested about that please let me know! Leave comment and I can tell my post address to you or you can tell your address for me 🙂

Oh and it doesn't matter what part of world you come from, are you male or female, what is your age etc. everyone are welcome.

Happy summer for all! thumbup1

p.s. sorry my poor english :blushing

Well, I don't know what can I write XP

haha 😃 well we all ready know each others on facebook and here 😃

heyy 🙂 i'd like to write with you! 😃

I will send e-mail to you soon as possible(:

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I don't know if this is open yet, but if is, I reallylove snail mail, so if you want, contact me 😉

Hello! I also love snail mail, so if you're looking for a penpal, here I am! 😃

Ooh I didn't even remember this forum post anymore but I'm glad that I did open this again XD I was just looking for snail mail friends again.

Hi! I love snail mail, so, if you are still looking for a penpal, I'd like to write to you =)

Hi Jene, if you still want a snail mail friend.. I would really like to write you (:! You can send me a message if you're interested.

Snail mail friend would be nice if you still have interesting : )