iDoto Project - Read please! Anything and everything

Hi all!

I'm working on a new project now with a big group of friends of me and we're searching for people who want to help us around the world! The base of the project is a big website with millions of possibilities, but we're also working with movies, apps, projects for children, courses, games, .............. Too much to say! If you want to help us or you want more information, please contact us at (email hidden)

Hope to see you soon by iDoto!


Olivier Van Bulck
Founder of iDoto

More information about the project maybe? Your introduction doesn't mean much as it is.

Here is a text that we use a lot. The most important information is in it:

What exactly is iDoto?

A lot of people are asking what iDoto is all about.
Well, here is how it all started from the very beginning until now.

It all started with a dream. A dream from a 16 years old boy who wanted to make a difference in this world! Who wanted to use all his capacities for a fantastic project. A project the entire world can enjoy.
That boy is me, Olivier Van Bulck.

After the idea came up, it needed to be expanded. I started searching for possibilities and worked on every little detail. When I was 17 I started to work out this fabulous idea, but it didn’t take me long to realise that I couldn’t do it by myself. So between the end of the year 2010 and the beginning of the year 2011 I went on a search for some people that were willing to help me out. Today there are 20 individuals working on iDoto, the project of the future, the project that can simplify and change your life!

iDoto is a website with a million possibilities! As a registered user you can make your own profile and find friends on iDoto, but you can also do so much more! You can upload as much files as you want to, make your own applications or use applications from other users! You also will be able to sell your files in our iDoto-webshop and edit files on our website!
You can do so much on iDoto: design your own newspaper, edit pictures, record and edit audio and video, play games, … iDoto offers a million more possibilities and opens up even more possibilities on the net!

iDoto wants to offer you all these possibilities FOR FREE!
So when the website comes online, register quickly and discover the world of iDoto, where everything is possible! Discover iDoto where you want to, when you want to and especially HOW you want to! Create your account and use iDoto for whatever you want to do!

I wish you a lot of fun with iDoto and hope all your questions are answered now. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them below.

With kind regards,
Olivier van Bulck
Founder of iDoto what kind of help do you need ? You just want to gather members to sign-up or you need help for programming and other stuff ?


This kind of website sounds risky. It's always tough when it comes to uploading files, I mean with the laws and stuff...

Well.. First we need people to publish the website if it's done. Also for translations in other languages we need people. But we do more then the website only.. In Belgium, we're busy now with a project for children (Ollie and Bollie), making preparations for camps, writing stories for movies, series and other things, learning to programming 3D-games (a few of our people are busy with that and practice daily), ... It's more than only the website, but all the things we do will be related to the website.

So we need people for:
-Projects in other countries

@RaD: Yeah, I know.. But it's mostly only when a file is open to use for all the people, what you have on your own account, we don't have to know... The only way to place it for everyone is in the webshop, and these files will be controlled by one of our people before they come in the webshop. And also shares between people will be controlled.

More questions? 😉

Once I had a website with some friends but it was too much work for all of us so we put it offline 🙁 We already had an own online game-magazine etc... Sad