How you say... Anything and everything

How you say: I love you 001_wub
in your language??

Here Finland: I love you; means: Minä rakastan sinua

I want to know big_smile

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Well, in lithuanian it sounds like this: Aš tave myliu

well here in the netherlands,
it is this : ik hou van jou.

In Russian: я люблю тебя.
[ja ljublju tibja] )))

"Te iubesc"

In english I say "I love you" 😛

In finnish: rakastan sinua in chinese: wo ai ni (:

InThe Netherlands we say ik hou van jou
In POland Kocham cie

lot lot

In Flanders ( Belgium ) --> Ik hou van jou

German "Ich liebe dich"
switzerland "ich liäb dich"

In Italy "Ti amo"

bavarian: i lieb de xD

Français : "Je t'aime"
But heart don't need words, just a glance...

it pronounces like ''wo ai ni" XD

Thans for everyone!!! 🙂 😆

in indonesia: "saya cinta kamu" or "saya sayang kamu"

Well.. In Turkey, it means; "Seni Seviyorum." =)

In polish: Kocham cie