Formula 1 Anything and everything

This Sunday the new F1 season will start. Who do you think will win this year? I believe Vettel or Alonso but maybe Red Bull is at the moment a little bit superior than the other opponents.

Yep,and I gonna see it on tv 😃
No idea,every season is different and maybe is there again such a superteam as virgin 2 years ago.
But I hope that Jerôme d'ambrosio gonna do it good.
And it sucks that Kubica crashed with the rally a few months ago bcuz I would that he became a worldchampion,he desirve it.
But the mclarens prestate well at the training yesterday

Vettel is the fastest driver in the first Top 10 qualifying of the new season. Hopefully it will be a beautiful race tomorrow.

@Styleez: are you sure Virgin was the super team two years ago? I think it was Brawn xD

The race was quite exciting. Compliments to Petrov for its third place, but if Alonso had had four or five other laps, he'd have overtaken him. Ferraris had an amazing pace today...and it seems Mclaren got better than the previous tests.

The race was realy exciting. i think that it is now better for the new teams. The new rules are making the race better. And the new types of bands is also good for the sport.