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Hi everybody,

I want to go on an high school year abroad.
But my parents won't let me.
Are there people who want to do that to or who already did?
It would be awsome the learn more about the big experience!

Hi! I want to study on an high school abroad too. I haven't discuss with my parents about this but I know that in my next school (languages high school) I can do this.
I want to go to study in Germany... I know that German is difficult but I love Germany and my aunt lives there.

I did it well it wasn't 1 year but only 2 months (in Germany) and it's awesome! I think that will do that again, it's a great experience! 🙂

I was in Japan for 10 months, I went there with YFU. It certainly was a wonderful experience, and I wished I could do it again! But you shouldn't underestimate such a high school year, during my stay in Japan I met a lot of exchange students, and okay, there were some amongst them which didn't have any "problems" at all, but most of us did. And to be honest, I think the ones who said that everything was always fine were quite ignorant... some of them seemed to have been in Japan only for shopping! D: They didn't do anything for school, they didn't care about their host parents... I'm quite amazed they made it through the year.

Why won't your parents let you go?
My parents wouldn't let me go at first as well, but somehow it worked out in the end. 🙂
Show them that it's really what you want to do and that you'll work hard for it!

@Jenny: I'd love to go to another country for 2 months... are there organisations offering such a short stay? Or did you go with Brigitte-Sauzay?

I went in Germany with Brigitte-Sauzay 🙂 In my high school there were some foreign students who went in France with YFU too!

@MlleJuliette they say i'm to young to be on my own and it's way to expensive

My parents want me to study in Canada,but i refused.Because i love my classmates, my teachers and so on....
Besides,i rather study in England🙂