A small question !! Anything and everything

Hello every body, i'm new in this website, and i don't know how to see my message here !
can you help me please ?


Thank youuuu 😛

Help me pleaase ! I have a lot of message in my e-mail, it said me that i have a message in penpal-get.net and i read it in my e-mail but i can't look it in the website !!

Help meee pleaase !!

if it's a message, and not a comment, then you must go to the persons page that sent you the message to respond. I don't think there is a way to view messages on the site, only comments.

so read the message in your email, then find that persons page (there is usually a link in the email) and send them an email from there. or leave a comment. 🙂
good luck

Oooh !! Thank you !!!! yes, i have the link in the email !!
Thank you !!!

you're welcome 😛

you can reply it from your email too