A 18-year-old Finnish girl looking for a penpal Anything and everything

Moikka kaikki! (=Hi, everyone!)
So, I'm looking for a penpal. I would love to learn other languages (I speak only Finnish, Swedish, English... and Latin xD) and as an exchange I would be honored to be able to teach you some Finnish 😃 Eikö olisikin siistiä oppia suomea? Sitä eivät monet osaa puhua! Meaning: Wouldn't it be cool to learn Finnish? Not many can speak it!

So, I hope that someone would like to become my penpal 🙂 Especially I would like to learn some Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Swedish (I'm not that good at it and I need some help for the matriculation examination) and English (it wouldn't be bad to have some improvement for the matriculation examination). Of course I would love to learn something from every language! So, everyone all over the world - please let me learn to speak your language! I'm open with every peace of information about different languages 🙂 I want learn everything I can!

Oh, and we don't have to just practise. Hah! Of course NOT lol1 I would love to get to know new people! You can never have too many friends! 🙂

Oops! I almost forgot to introduce myself properly. Sorry :blush Ok, my name is Mia and I'm 18-year-old high school student from Finland. I do sports such as Brasilian Jiu Jitsu, cycling, jogging... and so on. I love books (fantasy, horror, classics, romantic) and music (classical, r&b, pop, rock, symphonic metal like Nightwish). I also write my own stories - some day I will write a book 😃 Still, I'm not some kind of nerd closedeyes I might have hobbies that makes me look like it but that's not what I am. I am just... me. I have a good sense of humour and I laugh a lot. Every day I go out to do sports - I want to be in good condition when I go to army. Yeah, that's right. I will go to army although I am a girl. I just want to become stronger - every way. I want to show that we women are as good as men. We can do what we want and we are equals with men. We are independent! Ok, now I sound like a fierce feminist xD Well, no can do! Maybe that's what I am 😃

Anyway, I hope you want to be my penpal. That would mean a lot to me 🙂 Jutellaan pian! (= Let's chat soon!)

I-KIRJAIN lempiä jotta kuulla suomenkielinen

Hey it’s nice to meet you. If you like to we could chat a bit