Hunting Anything and everything

Is there anyone here that hunts?
Over here (England) I hunt rabbits with ferrets its called ferreting, and I hope to get my licence for guns soon so that I can go pheasant, duck and partridge shooting, and I wat a rifle to go deer stalking with 🙂
Be interested to talk to like minded people who like to hunt from America or Canada 🙂


I don´t hunt,
I could never kill an animal just for fun.

Sometimes I go to Kazakhstan (though I live in Russia). There I with the father hunt on wild boars and various birds )

Hunting ? The only utility is when a kind of animal becomes too much strong and begins to pose a threat to others animals.
But I don't think it could be a sport or a hobby. Is it funny to kill animals ?
And recently, an old man has killed 2 persons in the street before to kill himself... with his rifle. So how can we know if the hunters have a healthy mind ? I accord it's a very rare event, but you also could have the temptation to resolve your problems just by a shot...
Moreover, I often ride bike in the forest, and during the hunting season, I have alright almost been shot... The guy didn't see me ! He thought I was a kind of stag or something like that... These men often think there are alone in the wood.