What is the Meaning of Life Anything and everything

This is open for hypothetical and opinion based answers. Give your thoughts on life and what goes on in it.

I think the meaning of life is to purely exist. Nothing more, Nothing less.

Maybe there's a reason why you met some people...

i think there is no reason. you do what you want an there is no one who says what you have to do

I myself am a firm believer in a higher power. I think god has a purpose for everyone 🙂

That's also my opinion, but I also think that seeking the meaning of life doesn't mean anything. We live, and that should be all. We should simply to get the better of everything we live. Wondering about the meaning of life is loosing time because this question is quite ambigous :
The 'meaning' is a subjective and abstract idea, but life is concrete. That's why this question has no sure answer. We can just find an answer we like.

I think we just happen to exist on this planet, and there is no meaning of life, it's whatever we assign to it.

The meaning of our life scientifically is to live, eat, breed and die, but I thnk other than that, we are here to do whatever our heart follows.