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That's Me Anything and everything

Hello ya all,
at first :
I'm not interested in contact with boys/men.
I only want contact to girls/females.
So to all boys and men : DON'T WASTE MY TIME !!!

I search for female snail mail penpals.
Conditions :
* You must be female
* Age : 15 till 30
* Only friendships
* I don't look for sex or relationships, I've a boyfriend
* Don't ask me for money,for help with your money, intimate, sex, relationships,etc.
* No pervets or men those can be my father
* This is especially for the Boys : DON'T GO ME ON THE NERVS !!!
* Only snail mail. No email, no chat etc.

Now a bit about me :
My name is Katharina, I'm a 18 year old girl ( 30th june '89 ) from Hamburg. Hamburg is the 2nd largest city in Germany and is located in the North, near the coast to the North Sea.
I'm a professional naildesigner.

I'm a nice, sometimes a little bit crazy or weird girl. If you know me better you will notice it. I'm interested in different people and their countries. I'm open, reliable, loyal, helpful, respectful, merrily, curious, talkative and timid if I don't know someone well. I have simply fun alive.

Now still to my appearance :
1,66 meters tall, long blonde hair, green-blue eyes, I'm not slim and not fat...I'm between that 😉 I've got 3 piercings : one on the right sight of my nose, one on my upper ear and one on my belly navel

My hobbies are volleyball ( I play at the 2nd league in Germany ), soccer, dance, billards, sing, draw, write letters,poems,lyrics and storys, play on the computer, watch TV, meet my friends, meet my boyfriend, photography, swap Decos,FB's,Crams,Slams,Bags and other stuff, shopping, go to the cinema, go to partys, listening to music, my pets
♥ And I'm a big fan of Kat von D, she's the best ! ♥
I'm interested in vampires, witches, fairies, witchcraft and other mystic things and also in tattoos and piercings.

If you're interested in being penpals send me a mail !

rockon LittleCherry

hey at first how are you i think u r okay and i'm boy i've read and understood what have u ritting here but i just wanna know one thing why do u won't friends boys and i hope u will not be against my question so me i'm born in the same yrs 21april 1989 bye and take care of you cause you're so nice girl and this is my msn (email hidden) my name's MAMOUDOU DIALLO

hi i,ll talk to anyone anymore goths here.

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