Is boredom innate? Anything and everything

A man is isolated from birth in an empty room. Food and water is periodically delivered to this cell and said man is conditioned to know that those are for his consumption. Each meal is essentially identical and provides all the necessary nutrients and vitamins for him to stay healthy.

He is now 50. Supposing he has no major ailments and has managed to survive to this day, what do you think is his state of mind?
Do note that he was placed in the cell as a perfectly healthy baby with no mental illnesses. He has not been exposed to any human contact, much like a feral child, nor to any form of the outside world.

How possible is it that over the course of these 50 years he might go bonkers? So my final question is, if he has a natural tendency to feel bored? Remember that he has no contact with the outside world; he has close to zero knowledge. He does not even know boredom exists. Is boredom innate?

i guess he became over the time ill (mentally)

also, not knowing how to speak means that he has a little no conscience.

food and drink are his only "fun" activities.

in his case , i think boredom could be innate.