Looking for a reading buddy Anything and everything

Hey everyone! I'm wondering if there is anyone on here that would be interested in reading books with me and talking about them during and after the read. Kind of like a two person book club.

Genre of books I like so you get an idea of the types of books I tend to read: fantasy, contemporary, mystery, thrillers, psychological thrillers, horror, some sci-fi (like dystopians for example).

I like to branch out and read books within genres I don't normally pick up, as long as the book seems interesting the genre doesn't matter.

Sidenote: I'm also trying to pick up more books in spanish, italian and french so if you're either a native in one of those languages or like me trying to improve/learn, and is interested in buddy reading books in one or more of those languages then feel free to let me know!

If anyone is interested send me a message

I'm in , I Love reading but didn't read for quite a bit , but hey that would be a great. reading with someone else is fun and even better when u share same inclinations . I'm more into psychology , thriller as well . Mystery and fiction , and I love philosophical novels . so yeah ( I have a french taste too )

I love reading too, I am kinda a book worm sometimes)
I also like to share my impressions about books and to recommend them. I like science fiction, criminal novels and historical novels. I usually read books in French as well