What did you do for Christmas ? Anything and everything

You can answer my question if you want !

So, I woke at 9 am (I slept a lot, I was tired because of exams) and I drank hot chocolate (it's the best drink for this cold weather, in my opinion !). Then, I unboxed presents (I had many many many books) ! Finally, I ate a Christmas cake with marzipan (marzipan was just delicious !) Voilàààà :')

Basicly i just sat in my house watching some movies

it is a normal day, I went to school and have classes.

anything. Just laying in my bed and sleeping.

Trying to maintain the delicate balance in my family to avoid a dispute...

24.12 I sleep until 11. I go to neighbors and I give her grandchilren some gifts. My brother comes back to our town from Warsaw. We have midday meal with parents and we go to our family by the sea. Everyone is late (1 or 2 hours). Unfortunately lately not everyone can come. There are from 16 to 24 people. We have dinner with more than traditional 12 meals. There is always carp, pierogi (our grandma's and my cousin's vegan pierogi), herring, red borsch, vegan lasagna and lots of salads. I heard that normal families wait alocohol till midnight but mine not (but we don't eat meat). The oldest aunt hands out presents (of course young children go to the upper floor when adults put boxes under christmas tree and later someone say that they miss out on Santa Clous). Every cousin gets chocolate, money and knitted socks from grandmum. Part of the family leaves about midnight and others go to bed at different times. I often about 5 o'clock. One cousin always falles asleep on the chair and we put cans on his head.
25-26 It's for adults mainly hangover. Only me, one my cousin and other cousin's children can't drink and we only sleep of. Otherwise we often go for a walk. This Christmas we clean up forest.

I was with my family in Croatia. Every year we were spending our Christmas in house, so in this year we did something different. I was in Dubrovnik. There is amazing ! I spent there Christmas Eve, Silvester, and New Year. I will do this one more time definitely 😀

I celebrated Christmas

I celebrated Christmas