Searching for pen friend! 😂 Anything and everything

Hi all!
I had a lot of troubles earlier and forgot about this beautiful site. But I want to reload my existence here😂
I want to have permanent friend with whom we will communicate about everything, practise our languages (I know Ukrainian, Russian, English, Deutsch ein bisschen), share our opinions about everything: politics, culture, problematic questions; share our favourite songs, movies and others. I'm open for it😉
I'm freaking Ukrainian and can tell you a lot about Ukraine and all what connected with us) also I'm studying at historical faculty, so know a lot about different cool things. Soo I'm waiting for you) You can send me Private message here.

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I can highly recommend this such an awesome person, ahahahha. He's such a cool dude!


For school I have an assignment. I have to find someone who can tell me more about their country, culture and more.
You look like a friendly guy, so maybe you are interested in a converstation about that (and about ourselfs ofcourse).

I will hear from you soon.

Greetings from the Dutch girl Wendy 🙋🏼‍♀️

I'm here for the same reason )

we have the same goals, dear friend