talk with japaneses! Anything and everything

hi!my name is christiane. 😃

i'm 20 and i live in Lyon.i would like really to talk with japanese people because i studied this language during highschool years and i love this culture. tt1

so if you are interested, contact me. thumbup2

Hum, you're are not the only one wanting to talk to japanese people. I wonder if there are many one the site, because it doesn't seem to work.

Its funny how many people are in the same boat. There are no Japanese people at my school either.

I want Japanese people
I've only gotten Czech Republic, Swedish and New Zealand people =/

Me too
maybe Japanese don't want penpal : In other site there are few Japanese, and so does in this site.

I want japanese friends too ;(

There is the problem of the written language too. It's hard for us to go on a japanese website because of kanji, maybe the reverse is true too.

I'm currently hunting for jap frnds 😉
I also love to make frnds frm everywhere 😁

Hey, I can't understand your problem! I have 3 Japanese penpals and they're all very nice and very talkative. I can recommend this site to you, it's especially for finding Japanese penpals. You get a newsletter every few weeks with a lot of addresses and introductions. Here is the link:

You have to subscribe to the weekly mail penpal and I assure you: You'll find somebody who matches with you and to make friends with.
I also found 2 of my pals there and I've progressed with some of my Japanese, which is good, because I intend to study it at University.
Good luck!