Looking for snail mail penpals Anything and everything

Hi, my name's Angel and I'm looking for Snail mail penpals from virtually anywhere in the world. If you're interested, let me know.


Hi Angel 🙂
I'd also like snail-mailing with people, maybe we could send letters to each other? 🙂 I'm Alicia, french, 16 y/o 😃
So, let me know your answer please 😉 I promise : I don't bite 😃

Hi! I'm also looking for snail mail penpals. 🙂 Just give me your address and I'll write you soon! 🙂

Oh, I like to understand the outside world.
Pen pal? E-mail? Of course, no problem!

I am looking for a snail mail friend. Here is my adress.

Even, u can fine my address in my profile.

[i]Edit: please avoid publishing personal information for privacy matters.[/i]

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