Need advice for choosing right study Anything and everything

I'm in a difficult situation where i have to choose my study in the university. I have to choose between English with sociology, and Earth sciences.

I am really good in languages, so english would be much easier for me. The bad side is, that searching a job will be more difficult, and with sociology, you will have to do with people i think, what i don't want.

My interests are natural sciences, and after my study I want to work for example on environment protection, which would fit to Earth Sciences. Sadly I am not that good in natural sciences and I am scared that I will have to break up my study 🙁

Should I choose the study in which I am good at, or the study which interests me?

What do you think? 😃

Hello Meltem,

I know that facing a choice is always a tough situation especially when your future depends on it.
First of all what always help is to write down all the pros and the cons for each choice you have to make. It will help you to see a little bit clearer. Obviously you can always ask for other people's help but then would it be really your choice ?
It is really important to follow your heart.
Finally and never forget that : failure are your best achievements in life. Never be afraid of them. You gain experience, you adjust, you grow and become a better person out of it.
I hope that I might have help you a little bit !

@BenBlade You said something smart and yes, it was helpful. Thank you 🙂

Do the science. Your English is good so is your socialising ability so there's no need to study them. Besides you can socialise and learn English here. So go for the earth science.

I think, you have to choose science, because you are interested in it, Don.t be afrade, that. S you can. T do something, if you really want, you can. But Maybe you have some other directions, that would be more easier, and also iteresting?