Timezones... Anything and everything

yinyang I'm in the Eastern Timezone in Canada. Its 1pm here.

Yes I know this is a useless topic cause time is always changing but I'm curious. In what country are people sleeping now? sleep1 yinyang

uhm....I don't know in what timezone Germany is XD But here it is 18:51 h

The japanese people sleeping now ^_^

[sorry for my bad english]

i'm in Finland now and the timezone is +2.00

Yes, in Finland the time is now about 21.40
I SHOULD be sleeping. o.o Why am I not? I'm a night creature. >;9

20.57 in France! GMT+2 ie CET timezone

In Estonia same what in Finland +2. 🙂

In Colombia it's -5

yinyang England is the central time of the world right? Just so I got that straight. yinyang

Poland +1

I'm from Italy and the timezone is +1:00. now it's 20:04.

I live in western Can... its about 3hrs behind eastern time

Brazil -3 GMT (in my city)

its 2:48AM in Kuwait but I don't know what timezone blushing

GMT is where it's at! 🙂

Guatemala, -6 GMT
Now it's 9:06 pm

In Lithuania it's GMT +2
And right now it's 11:33 🙂