The Northern Lights Anything and everything

It would be fantastic to see the northern Lights and I want to travel for that. But I think that there are many Things I have to know to see the Lights perfectly.
Did you ever see them? If yes: where and how?
Maybe you have some good advices for me 😃 Thanks

Lets arrange a group travel haha might be cheaper

Well ofc don't go there in summer season 😃.

You need to go to really north such as Abisko, Lofoten etc. to increase your chance. Check the aurora forecasts but they always change anyway. So it depends a bit on luck.

I have seen northern lights. I had a school camp to the Lapland three yeaes ago. In late October. We were still traveling. Clock was maybe 2 a.m. and some classmates woke us up to watch them. Everyone were looking out ftom left-side windows of the bus. Them were green and wavy. It was amacing experience.
I think no one was interested😂