Dear Mother [moved] Anything and everything

Dear Mother,

I really am sorry for ignoring you for soo long. I dont know how many time I've forgotten how many times I've ever say "i love you", I said them far more to my girlfriend than you. How many times I've missed your birthday, when mine you've never missed it. How many times did I've be mad at you for the littlest mistakes you've made, yet you smile. How many pain that I've gave because of my ignorance, yet you were willing to withstand the pain of giving me labour. When I was sick you are always besides me, but when you're sick I just called you. Mother, I am really sorry for what I've done. Mom, no one can compare to you, Without your love, what would I do?


man, you should post this in "Anything and everything" section

Owh, I don't aware of it Mr.Remus alucard
I'll be aware of it next time