Being LGBTQ in your country Anything and everything

Hope this forum will host testimonies, fun and sympathy 😊

This forum can be whatever you want, feel free to speak, even if it's not to tell your story

There are so many problems in the world and homophobic people is one of them, I think. In Ukraine I didn't see, but I heard much about LGBT+ people lifes. I know that it is not good with old people and adults, but I think the bigger part of teenagers supports this way of thoughts.
I never spoke about my questionnable s.o., but I think it's biromantic demisexual. I don't think that's good or bad thing. Like it's me, and I am what I am, that's not bad to be yourselves.
So I can say I support LGBTQ+ people and I am a half LGBTQ+ maybe. I want to say LGBTQ+ people to love themselves, not to be scared about that. You are humans too, and you are a piece of our society. But if you're not confident in your strength (soul and physical) you don't should not share this information about you. In Ukraine we say 'shchastya lyubytʹ tyshu' what means 'happiness loves silence'. If you want to be happy and live that way you should not talk much about your happiness.