How to fix a broken heart Anything and everything

Erh... how?

Find someone who will fill it with something you need and want

Internet may say: Ramen noodles but time my friend, time spent with friends and doing what u love. And if that's ramen noodles, internet's right

think that your pain will end because everything has an end, and that you learned something with that pain for your life. You only Need to be Patient, that Shows strengh 🙂

Have you tried turning it off and back on?
And now a honest answer. Give it some time. Feelings arnt ment to be fixed, but to be dealt with.

Thanks guys/gals

Do not think about the past,be able to let go and understand that there is a better person

Try new things and take care of yourself you have to feel relaxed. You'll slowly move on. Think about the situation like it was just an experience that has taught you something very valuable.

Use glue !

Hahaha 😁😁

Time will help you

Duct tape! Lol honestly though laughter, and getting out in the world, try going for 30 minute walks or going to the cinema. There's some good films out at the moment.

calm down and learn to speak chinese

Hahaha idk how chinese would help but i will try and i guess i'll try to be busy as much as i can haha ^_^