PLANTS IN THE WORLD Anything and everything

Do you know any special plant in the world ?

What is a special plant for you? In general, I would say Ginko and Sequoia now

Ginko, because he is the only one of its kind who survived the ice age and is also used as a medicinal plant and the sequoia, because it is the largest tree on earth

I can name a national Armenian dish — Jengyalov Hac (Bread with greenery)... It’s something like flapjack with 10-20 types of greens... The most interesting fact is that ~10 types of these greens you can find only in Armenia.. So, we can name it special plants 🙂 Btw, the name has roots of Karabagh’s dialect, but the literary one we speak in the capital .. Nevertheless, everybody likes it, and also it may be healthy, though it’s cooked with oil and consists of bread

In Spain as we have an arid climate in the South, you can find Succulents, a type of cactus. It is beautiful beacause of the shapes and soft colours it has. Also, there are hibiscus, It's just such a pretty plant, the tropical trumpeting flower in all shades, from palest pink to vibrant sunny yellow.

Saffron is a Persian plant or spice which is the most expensive in the world... on average, depending on the quality it can be around 10000 dollars per kilo.

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