How do you feel right now? Anything and everything

Question at the top" and maybe why? 🙂

I am really joyful because my brother spend good moments with her girlfriend in Germany and I am happy for him ! 😄

I'm listening to songs I did not hear for a while so right now I'm bathing in the endless seeming joy of good memories 😊

I'm heartbroken

I feel happy, i’m In holiday and relaxed

Why do you feel heartbroken? 🙁

Exams finished 2 weeks ago so I am completely free! I have holiday, but I don't know what I could do.

I got three exams in the next two weeks, so a bit stressed. But all in all I'm happy, the weather is good, I am spending time with my friends, I'm going on holiday next month

I feel relaxed because I've got a vacation for six weeks!

I am feeling great. Listening to the latest trends in music and I am going to read a few books, just to keep my brain in motion.