Hey if anyone could help me translate my forums, it would be very helpful, you would get alot of respect and all that on the forums, and here is the text from the forums:

To reach our full user amount, we have decided to create Kingdom International, it's ok, I wont change Much, its Just That there will be More Threads AT The Top And Bottom of the page with link to new forums.
These new forums will contain different Languages, Currently we are working on French, German, And Spanish, more will come soon. So for this project, we need some help, people who live in these countries(France, Germany, Mexico, Canada(If You Speak French) and Spain). And/Or can speak English and one of these Languages, we will also need moderators, and people who can translate my announcements, so they will have to be active users, you WILL get paid(in powerpoints). Please Send Me a privet message on the forums, and if you have any questions, please view the feedback forum.

Also, the logo may change to fit, but this changes every 2 weeks anyways so... lol


I enjoy the new colors and backround, and I hope you do aslo, so this will NOT change unless I get more complaints.

I am cleaning up the Updates section, so if you would like to veiw an old Announcement, please ask me, and I will get you access asap.

Thank You

Kingdom International Head Of Forums

Please make an account and PM me on there