Any fellow ukulele players? Anything and everything


I would very much like to get to know other ukulele players.

Since it is an instrument that calls for company, I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Unfortunately, I only play guitar🤷‍♀️ But Ukulele would interest me,too

The ukulele is such a beautiful instrument. If you are already playing the guitar, you can highly benefit from learning the uke.It sounds different, soft and calming, you would be surprised. And the ukulele goes pretty well with a guitar.

okay ... maybe I once should start with a ukulele 😀

Hi Thani! I got my first ukulele on Wednesday and I'm trying to learn how to play it by watching Youtube tutorials, hahaha. I'm just a beginner but I'm not giving up at all 🙂

My advise - take it slowly. I personally recommend reading "ukulele for dummies", as it is very well written and easy to understand. What kind of ukulele did you get yourself?

Thank you for the advice! I'm taking it slowly, right now I'm practicing chord transitions the most, and strumming patterns - those are the hardest things for me at the moment. I love singing so I can't wait to be able to sing at the same time that I play! But my strumming hand starts doing weird things as soon as I start singing. I got a soprano ukulele to begin, maybe in the future I'll get a concert one!

Since I am no good singer and no one ever bothered to teach me, I would like to focus mainly on fingerpicking and classical pieces for the ukulele - just like Jake Shimabukuro. But you know what they say, the best pieces for ukulele are those you can play with others 🙂