I'm lookin' for friends Anything and everything

Hey! I'm new here and I want to make friends 🙂 I'm speakin' German too, but not very good.
I like music and cars. In my city I don't have friends, then I'm looking here 🙂 So, if you interested, text to me.

hey jon! would love to be your friend and all as i like cars and some music too (well any music depending on the genre) i'd love to be your friend here
we can talk a lot and all i really love sports cars well, who doesn't right?! haha! i'll message you hope you'll reply!

hey, maybe you can follow a course in your city about something you like and then meet people wholike the same things as you like something from art and I dont know, we have here a playboard group! maybe they have nice things close to you too! it's nice to have penfriends but close to you having some friends is important too.

Hey! I would love to be able to help someone with Dutch! (about my age): D

A Chinese guy here 🙋🏻‍♂️

waiting for you !