Philosophy in life for you? Anything and everything

I wanna know peoples point of view and mindset on their life and how each individuals perspective see things especially on the cases of problems and everyday living

Quick question
(Do you fear death?)

"Love and do what do you want"

Hmm thats nice but what would you do if that love is somehow broken

Haha death! You know the Epcur? "When we live death doesn't came, but when the death comes we are gone" (It's my translation from polisch if you didn't understead, try to search on wikipedia or google). So for me death is something totally abstract I can't fear death beacause I haven't seen death in my entire life. Everybody dies (even Jesus died on cross) so I think it's better when I didn't afraid about death, how about you?

Well said but for me I don’t fear death I so much fear living a unlived life death is sadly inevitable but that’s what we are destined in the end each person are we can’t escape it but more so over live our life to the fullest extent and helping out to people and future generations that will come after us ^_^ sooo I guess do what you surely most desire! Thank you for your answer

You know the sentence "The death gives the life his meaning"? I think this fits to this Topic.
You should enjoy your life and do what you want because one day it will end.
And About Problems, the most of them happens because of other People in your Environment. It happens because nobody can understand why others act like they act. That's impossible. You should just accept People's Acts and think that the Problem will end soon, everything is Fading.
Me i think that everything in the world has a reason and that's how Things happen. And that's why we must accept all how it is and wait till the Problem Ends. Time is Always the solution. With the time all of your Problems will end, you only Need to have Patience.
I hope i understood your Question 🙂

You did! Thanks for your answer understood it ^_^ I guess we can’t really do much if it’s already on the arrow of time I guess just enjoy every moment and do your best!