Fresh inscription I'm looking for penpal Anything and everything

Hello !

I'm Lina, I'm from France and I'm looking for penpal (from all around the world) to maybe make friends and improve my languages (English, spanish, or an other if i want to learn a new else) and my culture !
I love to talk about nature, movies, scuba diving, sciences...

Thanks to answer if you want to talk 🙂

Sorry Lina, I'm french as well... 😆 I think it will be hard for me to help you to improve your culture. But why not talk.
What's your favorite movie ?

Hi Step_ ! (It's funny to speak English to a french as me 🙂 )
You ask me a difficult question, as a cinema lover I love many movies like: Miyazaki's Movies ( i haven't seen them all yet), The Truman show, interstallar, Up, Eternal sunchine of the spoless mind….
And you ? What're your favorite movies ?

I liked the "castel in the sky" when I was young ("Travel of Chihiro" scared me 😁). But actually I prefer "Code Geass" an japanese anime which tale the history of a really charismatic and manipulator man who think that the end justifies the means.

Yes I know Code Geass by the name but i never seen this. Do you know Neon Genesis Evangelion ? It's one of my favorite anime series

在中国,Code Geass被翻译为“叛逆的鲁路修”。这部动画在中国名气极大,可能的原因是由于历史日本对中国发动侵略战争。所以中国人对于日本人态度不是很好。由于动画的背景是日本是的大英帝国殖民地,所以广大中国观众喜闻乐见的把日本称之为“13区”。所以在中国的网络中“13区”代指日本,也是由此而来的。
Neon Genesis Evangelio谷歌给出的翻译为创世纪的霓虹灯?我猜不出来是什么。

hi! im here because of a school project and i dont have much time left XDXD can i ask anyone a few question about your school? i would be really grateful if someone helped me :')

I watch Neon Genesis envangelion but it is really hard to find in streming so I miss some episodes. BUt you have to look Code Geass it's an unavoidable one.
Yes no problem diesease.