Looking for new friends Anything and everything

Hi there,
I am looking for friends especially in UK, as I am planning to go there from time to time.
Most interesting for me is Scotland, but of course I will be very very glad to hear from any of you!!

So, if you are interested to text or even skype after some time - here I am 🙂

hi ,
l'm from china,l'm looking for friend too.In fact l has already make new friend in there,it makes me happy.l hope l can make more friend.no matter where are you from if we can talk and during the talk we can have a good feeling.That is good.But for some reasons l'm not often have the internet .l usually once a week.
hope you can find friends.٩( 'ω' )و
Best wishes


I'm an old Esperantist, who would like to change emails in Esperanto from all over ther world.
"Short and sweet " - Don't hesitate drop me a line.