Internet Anything and everything

Habt ihr schon mal jemanden aus dem Internet getroffen? Habt ihr Freundschaften gefunden?
Avez vous rencontrés des personnes de l'internet? Trouvé novelles amitiés?
Hai mai incontrato qualcuno dell'internet? Avete fatto amicizia?

No, never met anyone from the internet.

Ich schon. Ich habe mal jemanden getroffen, den ich ein Jahr per Internet kannte. Wir schreiben uns heute noch.
Io sì.
Ho incontrato qualcuno dal internet. Ci conoscevamo un anno e scriviamo ancora oggi.

Maybe you should speak English, as we are on an English-speaking forum, and not on a forum in Trentino Alto-Adige

Leonardgray1 this is not an English only site, maybe they are learning English. Please try to show a bit of empathy. Anyway it seems from what's been said your asking about meeting people from the Internet? I have met people online, my advice, don't get your hopes up, not everyone is who they seem to be online, meet in a public place and bring a friend with you.

I guess she's just asking if people met someone from the internet in their lives, not for advice.
And I apology, but I'm really thinking about which language to use in the EU in the post-Brexit era (I wouldn't want our official language to become something like German or French, brrrr) 😂

Luckily nothing will change (I mean, I'm studying German, but I chose it because with its sounds it embodies the hilariousness of our world)

The EU doesn't have an official language, they use English because its somewhat common. Nothing will change, well all the EU flags will need to change as 🇬🇧 was a founding state. That's going to cost a bit 😂

After the Brexit the EU will have 28 official languages, since all members' languages are considered to be official.
However I was wondering whether we will use a top member's language in the future or not, in view of the renewed French-German alliance ahahah

Well I think we lost track of the original post. Back on topic, if you want to meet someone and you have video called them meet them in public with a friend.

I´ve met two internetfriends irl so far, both after chatting online for more than a year. One lives in the town where I study so I hang out with him quite often now.
Meeting them was a pretty cool experience and I´d definetely do it again but unfortunatly none of my internetfriends lives as "close" (1.5 and 5 hours by train) as those two did.

oui , j'ai rencontré des amis.

Ja,meine beste Freundin habe ich vor elf Jahren zufällig über eine Internetplattform kennengelernt, auf welcher ich eigentlich nur etwas recherchieren wollte. Zuerst schrieben wir uns nur Mails,dann SMS - jetzt sind wir 'modern' und nutzen Whatsapp 🙂 🙂 Als wir noch näher beieinander wohnten,hatten wir uns auch paar mal getroffen, jetzt liegen viele hunderte Kilometer zwischen uns und wir beschränken uns die letzten Jahre auf das Schreiben - was der Freundschaft aber keinen Abbruch tut

Super. Freut mich für dich

Je pense interessant une rencontre.