I deleted an e-mail and now I don't find the person here!!! Anything and everything

a so-named "Beau", 20, from the Netherlands sent an e-mail to me and I can't find her via members so I try to find her like this xD
Maybe you see that (/O.O\)

Maybe Beauter?

There is also a posability that she removed her account or blocked her

you sure she wasn't
22 ?
https://en.penpal-gate.net/beau_tje her about me says shes 18 though.
https://en.penpal-gate.net/beau94 her about me says shes 17 though.
https://en.penpal-gate.net/queenbeau her about me says shes 14 though.
https://en.penpal-gate.net/beautje her about me says shes 14 though.
and thats all users with beau in there name that are in the netherlands

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Thx for your help but it's not her I think :/
Maybe her nickname is not Beau 😮

Try to ask the site admin he maybe able to find the deleted email?