Have you heard of Interrail? Where would you travel? Anything and everything

Hey guys,
for a bit more than a year I'm already playing with the thought to do an interrail trip. Now, since it's getting closer, I have to plan a bit more intensive, but I'm not sure which places would be very nice. I only got Stockholm(bc of a friend), Split, Paris as destinations i really want to travel to.

Do you have some recommendations where I could travel too?
And would you do such a trip too?

(For the ppl who don't know interrail: https://www.interrail.eu/en/interrail-passes )

Italy is always good!

Lisboa, Madrid, London, Rome and Prague are good places to visit 🙂 😁

That sounds good at all, but unfortunately I'm really no fan of heat xD
I forgot to say that =.=
I thought about prague, too, Spain and Portugal could be a bit far bc of Sweden...
But thx for your recommendations 😛

None of these southern countries are hot all the time. If you travel late fall or early spring, you will likely enjoy milder temperatures. Not to mention, winter. 🙂

Yeah that's right 😄
But I also have to plan it with my school and later my study so it could, that I have to do it in summer (I'd love to do it in Spring👍🏼