Russia is occupant ! Anything and everything

Hello! I’m from Georgia and 20% of my country is occupied by Russia😞 what do you think about this?

Nobody knows about what happened in Georgia in 2008, and the current situation is not interesting for European Media anymore. That's why you'll hardly find anyone willing to talk about a topic he knows nothing about

yeah, This is true.
My goal is everyone to knows what happenend in Georgia in 2008.
Unfortunately, many people do not know about it.

What's the pro?
Nowadays Russia has the potential to start any kind of war and still win everything.
That's why the West is trying to direct its own citizens' opinion against Russia through a heavy mediatic propaganda, you can do nothing about it.

To be honest, it's understandable that Russia fights the only strategic US influence in Russia's own area of total control

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Russia or more exactly Wladimir Putin seems to try to restore the great Soviet Union. He is like a chess player who moves forward his pawns progressively. When somebody is embarrassing he eliminates him and when a territory is weak he takes it under his control.
I don't think it's propaganda to denounce some inadmissible abuses committed by this horrible persona.

I can't understand why you don't like Russia?And what happened in Georgia in 2008 ?

The situation of Georgia in 2008 is far more complex than just "boo the bad Russians invaded the good Georgians". The regions they invaded were separatists back from the dislocation of the USSR. Again the problem finds its source in the creation of the Soviet republics, like what happened in Crimea, gifts of territories between Soviet politicians despite the history of some territories were pretty bellicious to the Soviet republic they were offered to.

That's not propaganda, but he didn't do anything bad by respecting the majority of people's will. In Crimea they had a Referendum, and nobody pointed a gun at their heads (an Ukrainian deputy's words, so not mine), while in Georgia, according to what our American friend says, the situation was not so far from the one in Crimea, moreover Georgia is a US ally, which is a reason more to make separatists happy.

The world scenery gets just a little worse if you consider the Russiagate as truly happened and therefore Trump as a puppet ready to fall as he goes against Russia. What's left to Mr. Trump is dealing with his electorate and defending his public image, as well as America's internal problems and policies. With America out of games, Nato would be just as useless as my non-conventional ideas in Italy ahahah

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