Viva LeFrance! Congrats on Your World Cup Victory!! Anything and everything

It had been 20 years. Twenty years and three days, to be precise. Twenty years since French streets filled and the Champs-Elysees transformed into a resplendent sea of humanity, the only apt comparison the liberation of Paris. On Sunday, when Kylian Mbappe struck to put the result of the World Cup final beyond all reasonable doubt, the sequel began.

Twenty years and three days after the most glorious day in French soccer history, the second-most glorious arrived. France won its second World Cup title in style, beating Croatia 4-2.

Well: GO Croatia you stole our hearts! GG guys🙂 You showed us true motivation and comebackspirit. You created a awesome match. You wrote more history then any French team did!
Is this French team really the best in the world.. #NotMyStyle

Heyy ! I have to say I agree with Wintry. I'm French but not a supporter of the French Team.

Great match, with a great Croatian team very good in attack, they managed very well their game, much better than the French but France had the best defense, which finally made the difference.

Congratulations to Croatia, but France deserves this World Cup and its second star. After all, they eliminated Argentinia, Uruguay, then Belgium and Croatia... some of the best teams of this World Cup 2018.