How long did you wait before finding a penpal? Anything and everything

I have been registered for 2 weeks now and i wonder how long it will take to find a penpal.
Tell what your experiences have been like.

LOl its not like you have to wait ... its not like they come to you. It is a process of weeks, months and years. You have to go out in chat, message people about whatever you would like to disguss.. don't wait, write!

Chat is quiet, 4-5 years ago was better, you must initiative. In penpal-gate people is very friendly, only wait for you message.

Sorry to hear that it may take years before i find a penpal. I am looking for someone in Spain to practise my Spanish with.
But i will parttake in the forum and the chat and and enjoy myself. But it is not what wanted.

On the top of the website you can search for users. There you also can filter, so that users, who are living e.g. in spain, will be on top of the list of results. Take a look on their profiles and if there is one you like, just write a message.
That's how I found penpales within a few days. Meanwhile I got many requests from others who saw my profile. So just try it out.