Real penpal Anything and everything

Hi! I’m Alessandra, I’m 20 and I live in Padua, a little city in the north Italy.
I’m looking for a real penpal to exchange real letters, because I think that the technology has ruined us and many beautiful emotions that a letter is giving you, now have been lost.
I hope to find a person to help me with English, because I really need it!
In return I will help you with Italian!!

Heyyy there

You got an email from me 😉

hello I agree with you, writing letter is the best way to express how you feel. I wish we can go back in time were penpals writing letters to each other and even they are far away they feel the presence and the emotions they want to tell. if you want to be my friend don't hesitate to message me. 🙂

I would like to be your real penpal, if you are also into it

hey, I also agree with you that technology has really made it more difficult to communicate with people. I would like to change e-mails or letters with you. I come from the Netherlands myself, but I can help you with your English.