New competence Anything and everything

What are you able to do today that you did not know how to do a year ago?

throwing knives
managing a supply chain
being able to lead project
being expert on biomaterials
speaking a bit of spanish
being president of a printing association

what about you ?

I try to learn every day, lately I'm studying some topics related to my higher education / para-university (2 economic, 1 creative, 1 management and organizational), and related to my skills learned in the working past, I'm focusing on some aspects marketing related to the analysis of the territory and its problems and opportunities, the study of competition and organizational novelties to help a friend to raise his company. Also I keep myself updated in the medical field, which I studied for 26 years, so my current skills, for the most part concern the updating of old skills. At the level of personal preparation, for the near future, I am studying vegetable plants, the best and worst associations, for the absolutely biological cultivation also the creation of natural pesticides, topics of which I knew little.