Do you want a new friend? Anything and everything

Hi! I'm Anouk, from the Netherlands. 🇳🇱
Im new here, and really want to make new friends from over the world 😊
You want it too?
Send me a message 😉


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Hey 👋 im new too

Hi, how are you?

Hello. I'm Mary. I want to have new friends.
If you want to meet me write to me in my page! 🙂

I am new here and just registered yesterday. I would like to have some nice friends, both men and women. Let´s get to know each other!

Hi how are i like to be friends with youll

Hey guys, I'm Nici, 16 years old and from Germany. I would also like to make friends all over the world here 😁

Hey! I'm new too! "Do you want new friends?" yes, of course! Write to me in my page if you want

Hi all, new member here looking for friends.

Feel free to get in touch.

I am looking for friends too! For me, the main reason I’ve created my account was not to learn or improve a language. Sure, I want to help everyone who needs to be helped but I just want to have new friends from all over the world because I think this really enriches your life.