Do you watch olympics? Anything and everything

My favorites in olympics are figure skating & artistic gymnastics

I do enjoy watching olympics but think there are too many sports pArticipating.dont think the ancient Greeks would think that table tennis for example qualifies. Hopefully tiddly winks won’t be next! Lo,

I do not watch the olympics. But I always know how many medals my country have 🙂

I watch the olympoics. I love the compatition. If the us isn't winning I pick out a country to cheer for. I was cheerig for Japan womans curling team this year.

I watch all olympics. But our party was unfairly accused of doping, then apologized and still was not allowed to the competition. I don't think that's fair. I note that other countries have not been very much in favour of Russia lately, although I think the people of other countries have nothing against Russia.