Guys need a favor from people from different countries Anything and everything

Hi Guys, I would like ask You for a favor, I've broke with person who I really care about, I want to ask for a second chance. So I decide to do it in some special way, I would like to create a little movie asking for second chance from 15-20 countries in different languages. So if you will be able to help and send me short -up to 30 second movie with sentence which I would send you. please contact me in private message, I will tell you more info. I will be very grateful 🙂

Sure I'll help you dude and I speak Spanish

i will help you i speak dutch

Of course! I speak Italian

I can help you in German. But is it too late now?

9 languages are possible with me, ask, if you need one! (German, Englisch, Russian, French, Ancient Greek, Latin, Italian, Swedish, Dutch)