Global painting project Anything and everything

Hi everyone!!!, I am an artist painter. I am collecting people from all over the world for a joint project. I want to create a big picture. It is the people who will decide what will be on it. Anyone who supports my project will be saved as author on the back of the image. You can buy any number of canvas. The size of this work depends on you. The more ideas, the bigger the picture will be.The project has just started. For the moment, I only have a website in Polish language: I also have a profile on the patreon What do you think about this project? Hapcio

hello! I'm kinda interested but i can't reach your wbsite... You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy.

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Group name:" This is page in English version. Is it working? Do you understand the project? My english is not very well 🙂

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