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Qu´est -ce que l ´Homme ?
What is a Human ?

a Human is a mass of atom, like the rest of nature, mainly organic, doted of a brain, like several other animal species, that allow him to think and have some intellect. The difference between Human and other animals is its capacity to have culture and destroy other species 🙂 not like the food chain, more like for its economical needs (money which is a pure invention of humans, useless for the earth and new ruler of the world).
Human is capable of love (like several other species) and of hate (like just a rare couple of species). Able to hurt his peers for its pleasure or its own benefits, the Human is a complicated being full of unnecessary needs, who have forgot his own primary instinct and nature and his own true relation toward nature, to dedicate his life of a fake pursuit of happiness (which lead him to adore his new Money God).

The recent evolution of "technology" made him forget that just a few hundred years ago, he was living in harmony with nature, a fine equilibrium which took several hundred of year to be installed. But now, he is pursuing some kind of new dream of technology and better life, forgetting to live with nature, and the worst, to live with its own peers.

Human a is a species that forget what life and true love is, and became selfish, full of hatred. Human is a species that have forgotten his own nature 🙂

Maybe a pessimistic vision of things,with lots of "clichés" but that's what I think in regard of the experiences I had trough several countries 🙂