Hello everyone! I'm a french girl who talk french, creole , english . I'm learning spanish, korean and Japaneese et I will learn Chineese soon I Think.

So I want some friends, contact and correspondant to be friend, share culture and language and learning about everything with them. Specialy Korean, Japaneese and Chineese people. But I accept to talk with everyone else too!

I'm kind and patient, respectfull and wise. I'm shy but if you talk with me I will loose my shy side. I love making people laugh and smile.

We can talk on skype, e-mail, discordapp.

I'm an k-pop fan, manga fan. I like dancing, singing, play videogames, drawing and learning languages so much.
I'm practicing natation, krav maga, hip hop, gymnastic. I was practicing iaido and archery but I stopped for personal reasons.
My favorite sport is basketball.

If you are interesting , send me a message, you will not regret! <3

With all my respect. Have a nice day, see you soon! <3