Let's cook ! Anything and everything

Eh guys , it's soon the holidays in france sooooo i'm curious , i think i want to cook to prepare myself from this week of randomness ! yup i want to eat a meal composed with sugar and sweetness ! even though i'm pretty bad....

So i'm kinda used to pancake and normal cake , do you have any cool and strange recipe ! something a bit original but still a bit unknow 🙂

So it isn´t "strange" but here in Austria we´ve got a tradtional meal which is quite easy to prepare. It´s called "Kaiserschmarrn" and is kind of a destroyed pancake 😃.


I myself love to eat it with apple puree instead of "Zwetschkenröster".
Good luck et bon apetit. 😁

Eh it looks fun ! And kinda simple 😁
Thanks o/

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