Speak a language not like other languages ? Anything and everything

Hello, happy to see you on this forum, I love speaking "strange languages", last year I started French Sign Lamguage and I would like to know if some of you are speaking languages not like others, not like the "commune" languages 😁

What a nice topic! 😁 I'm actually learning Esperanto! 🙂 It seems to be not used anymore, but in reality nowadays there's a quite big community from all over the world which is trying to learn it again..! It's not very difficult, anyone can talk it; I started learning it because I wanted to know something different from normal languages.. something at the same time strange but really unique! 😃

When I saw this topic Esperanto just popped up in my mind! I'd like to learn some Esperanto, too. But first I'm trying to get finnish in my head. Also Sign-Language is quite interesting! I never thought about it before.

I used to be learning a kind of Quebec French Sign Language for children because my nephews had language problems when they were younger. It was really hard to communicate with them so, it was a temporary solution.

Also, I am interested in First Nations cultures. So, I would like to learn one or two autochthon languages. I think about Inuktitut and Abenaki. But for the moment, I only knew a little little bit about it.