Who wants a postcard or letter from Germany? Anything and everything

I saw this Idea on a other site recently 🙂
I collected some postcards and some nice sheets of paper over the past few years and journeys and i would love to share them with you guys!
I've got 10 postcards and 3 sheets of special paper and if you want to get something handwritten in your post just leave a comment or send me a message with a number from 1-10 (for a postcard) or 1-3 for a letter.

Greetings from Germany
Johanna 😛

hey , i want to write letters.

I would like to receive a postcard!
And I could send one to you, too.

post card 2

Hi Johanna, I'd like to recieve a postcard. I chose number 5.
See you!

I'd really like to receive a letter which number is 3.

i would like one please 😃

yeah i'd like to <3 i can send a postcard to you too

Hey can i have a post card and a letter ?
Thank you 🙂

Hi! 🙂