Hello ! Or Bonjour !
My name is Darras from France (Paris). This year, i promise to make sucess on youtube. I don't make video just for subcribers or money. I don't care about that. My interest it's share my French life, open with foreigners (#cometogether) and tell that's everybody can be on youtube because i have elocution problem and it's not with this to stop to be on youtube. Even if i was rejected because of this. Well, it's past i get along very well with foreigners. And i'm happy for that. So that's why i have this idea to create my own channel for youtube.

Before, what do you think about my youtube project ?

Else, what my videos talk about ?
You would know French culture, it's simple my videos will talk about French life in the form of podcast, French lesson or vlog. To introduce myself for my first video, i'll make a FAQ. So, if you like French or love to discover culture, making friends abroad or come together, just ask your question with this form :

I should be happy if i have many support abroad. If you ask a question, you can ask any question (about myself or my country) but no racist questions or anything about attacks.

That's all, i hope you will like my new project because i'm enjoying my life 🙂