Meeting(s) 2016 Anything and everything

Hey all,

Just like last year, I'd like to create some ppg meetings, most of them (sorry people) will be in the Netherlands / belgium or maybe germany because yea, I live there or pretty close to.
If you want to join a meeting or have any idea's for a meeting feel free to contact me on this forum, by mail or on the chat.
The first meeting will be in the netherlands, it requires at least 8 people. hope we can make it. (it'll be around Nijmegen, more information will follow, date is still unknown)


First meeting:
Located nearby Nijmegen, I'm able to pick up 2/3 people on my way from (nearby) Rotterdam to Nijmegen, date still unknown, but will be somewhere between now and 3 months.
Prices can variate between €10, and €35 each, we've to find out what we want and still can decide on the location self.
We also can decide to pay nothing more than I paid, and do something else afterwards (cinema, lunch together or something else)

If we have more than 8 people we all have to pay €1,- to make it able to let him/her join, because so far I only have booked a ticket for 8 people.

More information will follow these weeks.
(sorry for grammar mistakes)

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i'm in 🙂

Maybe I am in ass well..

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me too

Information will follow. Meeting will be within 3 months. Unknown when I just want nice weather xd

Hello, I'm also joining the party!

Maybe I'm in too 🙂

many people so far. trying to throw on more information as soon as possible.


I'm in ! 🙂

i'm in 😃

if you can tell soon, when this meeting should start, i would also think about to come... 😃